Facility and Technology for Distribution

SRMC has advanced web order processing for order management, payment processing, and financial reporting.

  • We fulfill hundreds and sometimes thousands of pharmaceutical trade and sample orders/day.
  • SRMC is a Verified Accredited Wholesale Distributor (VAWD Accredited) by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy.


All activities are conducted on-site in our FDA, DEA, and NABP compliant facility located at 600 Valley Health Plaza in Paramus, New Jersey.

  • The facility has an electronic security system and temperature and humidity monitoring to maintain your materials in optimum condition.
  • We are currently Q.C. qualified by several major pharmaceutical companies.
  • Controlled substances are maintained in our in-house DEA Controlled Substance Cage.
  • Rx product is maintained in a separate caged environment with access limited to authorized personnel.
  • Our services are exclusive to the Health Care Industry with a commitment to quality and an adherence to DEA, FDA, PDMA, and cGMP compliance.

SRMC is committed to excellence in Quality Management and Customer Service.

Technologies Employed at SRMC

Saddle River Marketing Concepts (SRMC) is primarily a technology company with fully developed services utilizing our in-house developed technology.

  • SRMC has an advanced web development program for order management, payment processing, and financial reporting.
  • Our in-house build Integral Drug Order Processing System (IDOP System) is used for major pharmaceuticals companies.
  • All SRMC applications run on Sun Solaris 10 Unix and Linux SUSE operating systems.
  • It is a SRMC Information Security requirement that customer data, both inbound and outbound, either be encrypted or be sent via a secured website.
  • The SRMC Information System for Shipping and Telemarketing computer system is validated as required by FDA.
  • All data and images can be viewed via your own customized and secure SRMC developed web-site.
  • Our Oracle database has over 200 existing programs which can be utilized or revised to meet your reporting requirements. Because we have a custom system, we can be much more flexible in reporting and responding to your specific requirements.
  • SRMC has complete back-up, disaster recovery (including on-site and off-site backup through a dedicated FTP Server), and business continuity processes.